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(afternoon): The Future Games section has been updated.
(evening): Chapters 3, 4, and 5 of Stop, Look, and Ed!, Redux - an Ed, Edd, 'n' Eddy fiction has been posted on

Cypron Studios has released info and screenshots on their upcoming GBA game called Command and Destroy Advance which is a pure RTS (real-time strategy) game.  The game takes place in the future (autumn 2018).  The story is about the world had ran out of its resources and it is suffering a lot of problems such local wars and manifestations.  Aliens came to Earth to help humans but first they asked humans to help them (aliens) because their planet had been destroyed in a war with another race.  Humans offered them Mars.  After getting Earth bases to study Earth's atmosphre to re-create it on Mars, the aliens had started the invasion without humans knowing they would do such a thing.  Earth doesn't have a massive military anymore so the last resort would be an army of..... worms!  This game will be released on the summer.  Check out these awesome screenshots:

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An Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy story has been posted at
My review on Samurai Jack has been posted. R4 3DS Nintendo 3DS Flash Card for playing backups and DS rom files. Use SuperCard DSTWO to play GBA games on N3DS. R4i card for DSi XL.

A Superman story has been posted on Fiction.GBA
The Ratings on Road to WrestleMania X8 and NHL Hitz 2003 has been posted on page 15 of Current Games.

New info on Rayman 3 for the GBA. It will have more than 50 levels. His new moves will include body shot and double fist.  Up to 4 players can play using a link cable in the multi-player mode.  Check out these terrific screenshots:

THQ and Sega announced that the popular roller-blade game Jet Grind Radio will be released for the GBA next year.
(evening): A bunch of secrets and cheats for many new games has been added in the Codes section.

New info on Doom II:  Some of the gory animations and 2 music tracks will be removed to make the game get a 'T' rating instead of 'M'.  Some large levels will be split into multiple parts.  It will also be faster because it will have a different engine than the first one.

New info on Lego: Island Xtreme.  It will have 25 quests with 14 vehicles.  You'll do activities such as skateboarding, sky surfing, and driving.  The expected release for this game is on December.
Chapter 10 of Tails to the Rescue has been posted on